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Strategy Map – Visual Strategy Communications

Strategy Map – Visual Strategy Communications

Strategy Map – Visual Strategy Communications August 24, 2016By//  by Fivestarly LathongLeave a Comment [eEvery Organization, be...
Using Motion Graphics in PowerPoint

Using Motion Graphics in PowerPoint

14 Steps Away Towards a Great Motion Graphics in PowerPoint Presentation experts opine that their...

3D Pyramids - Give Your PowerPoint Presentations a Touch of the Ancient Genius

From time immemorial pyramids have stood testimony for stability, longevity and the sheer genius of...

How to Pitch a VC – 10 tips and a skeleton template guide

Our template and ten tip list will guide you on how to ptich a VC.
Venture Capital now look for investment opportunities supported by a well researched business plan and an experienced management team. Inspite of this cautious approach of VCs, there is no scarcity of funds for investment in startups which have viable and cogent business proposals.

How to Use our Fishbone Diagram to Identify Possible Cause of a Problem in an Organization?

Fishbone diagram analysis is a structured team process that assists in identifying underlying factors or...

7 Steps PowerPoint Presentation

Watch the 7 Steps PowerPoint Presentation video to help you deliver an outstanding PowerPoint presentation. At 24point0, we are committed to delivering world class business presentation slides. Our 7-step process starts with the process of enquiry, services and agreement, payment and content input, designing and streamlining content, initial feedback, stage of iterations, and final product presentation.