3D Pyramids - Give Your PowerPoint Presentations a Touch of the Ancient Genius

by Dolcey Sawian on September 10, 2021

From time immemorial pyramids have stood testimony for stability, longevity and the sheer genius of a bygone era. Its solid square base and the tapering triangular sides have fascinated architects, business consultants, academicians and researchers alike. The versatile nature of its shape aids in a variety of applications across domains. More so, in PowerPoint presentations where a captivating visual is worth a thousand words.

24point0 has a ready-to-use 3D Pyramid Shapes PowerPoint Template that comprises of pyramids in multiple shapes and sections. These slides are completely editable and can be easily customized to fit into your corporate templates.

Here are some interesting ways to use 3D pyramid shapes in PowerPoint presentations:

1. Represent your company's Corporate Social Responsibility strategies neatly on a pyramid structure. More commonly known as "Carroll's CSR Pyramid". Identify the four types of responsibilities (Economic, Legal, Ethical and Philanthropic) and list out your strategies/goals for each type on a 3D pyramid shape. A single PowerPoint slide conveys it all. Easy...isn't it?

2. Numbers, percentages, bar graphs, pie charts. Time to explore the unbeaten path to present your data. Try the 3D pyramid chart for your next presentation. Here is an example where a leading water/waste water management website presented the data on Land usage in a district:

3. Use this simple pyramid framework to present ROI measurement for your Social Media initiatives. The simplicity and ease of this framework will help standardize ROI measurements while keeping your long term business goals in mind.