How to Use our Fishbone Diagram to Identify Possible Cause of a Problem in an Organization?

by Dolcey Sawian on September 03, 2021

Fishbone diagram analysis is a structured team process that assists in identifying underlying factors or causes of an adverse event or near-miss. Understanding the contributing factors or causes of a system failure can help develop actions that sustain the correction.

1. Use this Fishbone diagram tool to keep the team focused on the causes of the problem that leads to Low Traffic, rather than the symptoms. This diagram based analysis can give you a useful way of doing this. You can also use this Fishbone diagram to show all possible cause of the problem that lead to Low Website Traffic. This sample image would allow the team to focused on the new strategic way to analyze it.

Fishbone Diagram PowerPoint Slide

2. Below is the Six Sigma Fishbone Diagram where you can fill in the text to fit your needs. You can use the sample image as a tool to assist an improvement in listing potential causes of a specific effect.

Cause and Effect Analysis (Fishbone Diagrams)

Download this free sample Six Sigma Fishbone Diagram PowerPoint Template

You can use this template to represent the outcome of a team brainstorming session.

Free Sample Slide of Fishbone Diagram

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The More steps the better

If you buy this template you can also use this 8 steps of our Fishbone diagram to better problem solving so you can delve deeper to find the true root causes.

Fishbone Diagram (Ishikawa) - Cause & Effect Diagram

If the top few causes are not clear to determine what further information is needed while using our Fishbone diagram read our related blogs on Fishbone Diagram that will help you and your team determine the real causes and allow you to improve your process and implement the changes.