Strategy Map – Visual Strategy Communications

by Dolcey Sawian on September 03, 2021

Every Organization, be it a profit or non-profit one, has its vision and mission statements. While Strategic Planning defines what the company goals are and what is involved in the process, Strategy Map is an exhaustive diagram that helps elaborate the strategy, plan of action and the impact the strategy may have upon different stakeholders. Strategy Map helps in providing a broader perspective of how to work, define, communicate and implement a particular strategy after evaluating its pros and cons. With such detailed level-wise information, all encapsulated in one neat slide, your team will be able to understand the objectives of the company and how their role contributes to their organization’s growth.

The Strategy Map is a multi-layered diagram to elaborate a specific strategy from different perspectives, all the way from top management to the grass-roots. It helps ensure that nothing is missed out, the plan of action is understood and easily adopted by the target audience. It breaks down even the most complex strategy into smaller steps and helps resolve complex, problematic situation in business.

Below are few examples of Strategy Map created in PowerPoint

  1. Strategy Map of a Non-profit Organization represented in a horizontal perspective
  2. Strategy Map of a Consulting company whose goal is to increase revenue and reduce cost
  3. Strategy Map of a Finance and Business Services