Using Motion Graphics in PowerPoint

by Dolcey Sawian on September 10, 2021

14 Steps Away Towards a Great Motion Graphics in PowerPoint

Presentation experts opine that their audiences retain most of a presentation if 70% of the content is visual. That's no license of course to fill your presentation with images only! Remember to use images wisely and only where required. One of the ways that will also help your audience is the reasonable use of animation. Transitions are supposed to be one of the worst ever "visuals", if you could call them that, since they add no value to a presentation. Here's one example which once you learn, will help reinforce your ideas and thoughts.
For this, we shall use motions graphics in PowerPoint (almost) equivalent to After Effects called Custom Motion. This is a function which you will find in the Animation menu. Follow the step-by-step and easy instructions below and you’ll be good to go.

Let's first create the brick steps.

Step #1: Select the rectangle shape from the Drawing Tools menu and draw a rectangle on the slide

How to draw a rectangle shapes from drawing tool PowerPoint

Step #2: Right click and select Format Shape

Step #3: Choose Fill and select Pattern Fill

Step #4: Select the desired pattern and

Step #5: Change the colors as desired (Foreground and Background)

Steps on how to fill the shape with color

Step #6: Duplicate the brick step (Ctrl + D) and arrange in the shape of a flight of stairs
Step #7: Draw a circle using the shape from the Drawing Tools menu

How to duplicate the shapes on PowerPoint

Step #8: Click on Animations in the main menu

Step #9: Scroll down to the Motion Paths section

Step #10: Click on Custom Path

Tips to apply animation on shapes

Step #11: Click on the ball

Step #12: Using your mouse, create a motion path for the ball to follow

You can also customize the path by doing a right click on the path > Edit Points.

Create motion path graphics in PowerPoint

Step #13: Once done, press Enter

Step #14: While still on the Animations menu, click on Animation Pane. A panel will open in the right hand side so you can edit and customize the animation.

How to apply animation on ball graphic

Now you're all set to go. Contact us if you have any questions and we also have lots where this cool PowerPoint trick came to you from.