PowerPoint Design Services through Creative Custom-Built Solutions

Each customer has a unique need. So, ours is NOT a “one size fits all” solution. Our PowerPoint design services are tailor-made to address every requirement of the customer. We have divided the solution into three broad categories. A customer’s needs usually fit into one or two or, in some cases, all three.

Format: This is our premium service and represents 80% of our daily work requests that come to us. We call this our Premium Service because customers receive the formatted decks in 12 to 24 hours. Our PowerPoint design experts work while you sleep. The decks are formatted for overall consistency, tables/graphs reworked to fit into the template, and every element is aligned to give a professional look.

Customers love the speed and reliability that we bring to the table. And this sets us apart. Curious to know how we consistently help our customers meet deadlines? Read more on how our PowerPoint Formatting support services work.

Design: Every day, we have customers requesting us to redesign a slide or a deck to give it a whole new fresh look. The requirements usually come in plain text vanilla template, a hand drawn image, or a rough sketch. Our PowerPoint designers give the slides a visual makeover by communicating the customer’s core ideas/concepts using type, symbols, colors, illustrations, or complex animations. These samples of PowerPoint Design will help you understand this service better.

Create: When customers ask for a complete makeover into creative visual for communication, we push the barriers of PowerPoint and sometimes even go beyond. They come with a vision or a very rough idea of what they want. They ask us – Can you design in PowerPoint? Or should it be a PowerPoint infographic or adopt a different tool to give me a solution. Our design experts brainstorm, ideate, create and iterate on the design solution that best answers the customers’ needs. This is a creative process with the customer involved in multiple iterations to get the right design. Be it PowerPoint Illustrations or Infographics, or Motion Graphics, our designers love creating them.

Your requirements may fit into one or all or none of these. As mentioned earlier, each customer is unique. So, Write to Us anyway. Rest assured, our team of certified Microsoft Specialists will cater to your PowerPoint Design needs to a T.