British India Map – Single Slide
British India Map – Single Slide
British India Map – Single Slide

    British India Map – Single Slide


      Our unique British India Map PPT Template showcases the princely states and British provinces such as Rajputana, Kashmir, Oudh, Bombay and Madras among others.

      This map is popular among news agencies, students, researchers, teachers and business consultants. You can use it to create interesting infographics on British India quickly. 

      This editable PPT slide features map of British India, now known as the Republic of India. The demarcation into provinces and states in the year 1860 is clearly shown in this map set. British provinces such as Punjab, Madras, Bombay, Central Provinces, United Provinces etc. and Princely States such as Kashmir, Rajputana are shown. This map is perfect for those who need to present information on the British provinces and princely states of pre-independent India.

      The editable features of these PPT slides allows for provinces to be pulled apart, re-grouped and colored. Data and graphics can be easily added as shown in the sample slides.

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      Mapa de la India británica – Editable PPT

      Carte de l’Inde britannique – Editable PPT

      Karte von Britisch-Indien – Editierbare PPT

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester