Curacao Map
Curacao Map
Curacao Map
Curacao Map
Curacao Map
Curacao Map
Curacao Map

    Curacao Map


      The 5-slides Curacao Map PPT deck comprising outline maps of major cities such as Dorp Soto, Sabana Westpunt, Barber, Tera Cora and Willamstad. Use these high resolution blank maps to create data-graphic brochures or to highlight population statistics in your presentations. Download for immediate use. 

      This editable PowerPoint product contains 5 vector maps of Curacao. The collection includes a political map of the island featuring capital city Willemstad and map in flag colors. Shade these maps with colors of your choice, add beveled edges, or change textures, background and layout to personalize your presentations. A slide with people-shaped markers pinpointing major cities is especially useful to present population-related statistics. Integrate the Curacao map in flag colors to add an element of visual interest in your design.

      Product Features & Benefits:

      • Fully editable custom-drawn PPT slides
      • Easily change colors, text, fonts and backgrounds
      • Convenient text placeholder
      • PowerPoint elements give flexibility to design – making it better than Clip Art
      • Get rid of the usual SmartArt look with our custom designed slides
      • Wish you could spend more time on the presentation content and less on slide design? Contact us to ask about our PowerPoint formatting services.

      Mapa del Curacao – Editable PowerPoint

      Plan du Curaçao – modifiable PowerPoint

      Karte von Curacao – Editierbare PowerPoint

      Kaart van Curacao – bewerkbaar PowerPoint

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester