Roman Empire Map
Roman Empire Map

    Roman Empire Map


      Our old-world scroll type map showing the expansion of the Roman Empire is perfect for PPT presentations in history class.

      This PowerPoint slide shows 3 periods – the Roman Empire till the death of Caesar, Augustus and Trajan.'

      This single slide PPT shows how the Roman Empire expanded under three different emperors – Caesar, Augustus and Trajan. The regions highlighted include Belgica, Gaul, Germania, Thrace, Palestine, Egypt, Cyrene and Mauritania among others. Cities, roads and rivers are clearly identified on the map as well.

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      L’expansion de la Plan du Empire romain – modifiable PPT

      Die Expansion des Römischen Reiches Map – Bearbeitbare PPT

      La expansión del Imperio Romano Mapa del – Editable PPT

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      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester